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Webinar: Free Programs Available to Grow Your Louisiana Small Business

In Louisiana, small businesses are cultivated and supported through aggressive state and local programs that our host Sevetri Wilson has even benefited from. Yet, there are a number of small businesses who may not know they exist or how to access them. In this webinar, join Sevetri Wilson as she hosts Stephanie R. Hartman the Director of Small Business Services for Louisiana Economic Development (LED) to discuss everything you need to know as a contractor and small business. Topics include:

  • How to grow your business

  • Special programs for small businesses

  • LED Growth Network

  • Resources by Region

  • Financing and Capital

  • Incentives

  • and more.....

If you would like to attend this webinar, please click here to register.

For questions, please email

We look forward to seeing you in attendance!



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