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SJB DBE Supportive Services has teamed up with fellow DBE firm, K-Belle Consultants, LLC, and Radix Group to provide our Region A DBE firms with some added resources and business guidance with the newly added Just Business section of the site!  These firms provide unique business insights focused on success with a purpose.  Stay in touch with this page for discussions on challenges faced by small business owners as well as quality control and safety within the construction industry.

Just Business with Kristi!

The Just Business with Kristi! blogs feature contributor, Kristi Mirambell with K-Belle Consultants based out of New Orleans, LA.  Kristi will help you kick off the year 2021 with exciting blogs based on her own personal journey.  She will discuss the challenges she faced and obstacles she overcame that so many small business owners commonly face when establishing one’s own company and being your own boss. Stay up-to-date as Kristi discusses key tips on how she successfully faced her challenges, how you can face yours, and finally transforming your dream business turn into a reality.

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Nata Knows

The Nata Knows blogs feature contributor, Anthony Nata, a quality control service manager at Radix Group, based out of New Orleans, LA. Construction can be a dangerous business which is why it is important to have a firm understanding of the knowledge in quality control services & safety. Join Tony as he discusses his personal journey with you as he discusses the value of in quality control services & safety in construction. Anthony Nata will keep you updated with exciting topics that have allowed him to implement a solid niche within construction.

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